Birth Cards Synastry Reading

Birth Cards Synastry Reading
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This unique reading may be for you if you're looking for a deeper understanding of your relationship with another person. The complex and revealing reading compares your Birth Cards with those of important people in your life, and uses an original technique you won't find anywhere else.

The session is only available over Zoom.
Familiarity with the qabalistic Tree of Life is a pre-requisite.


Not since my counselor 40 years ago introduced me to Angeles Arrien’s Tarot Constellations have I received a tarot reading that was so profoundly eye-opening in showing me the points of connection and relationship with the people in my life. For me, Ruth Ann’s unique and original insight and deep understanding of how the tarot birth card pairs fit into the Tree of Life as Sephirot instead of pathways brought an explosion of understanding to relationship challenges that had been plaguing me for decades and gave me very workably positive ways of moving forward with them.
Thank you Ruth Ann!

~ Cheryl Ryder, Albuquerque Tarot Tribe Organizer

Ruth Ann’s reading not only gave me a fresh perspective into my relationship with my husband (as well as my son and sister) but also gave me a deeper insight into the value of reflecting on my own birth cards and how they can predict my interaction with the significant people in my life.

She provided me with honest insight into these three long-term relationships in ways that I had not considered before. She helped me to make sense out of things that I knew but didn’t necessarily understand. Her reading also helped me develop more compassion and understanding of the energetic flows and blocks in these relationships.

Ruth Ann’s enlightening reading opened my heart up to even greater depths of love and appreciation for the relationships I have with these people. She also gave me much to reflect upon.

I know I can trust Ruth Ann to provide me with wisdom and guidance through her Tarot readings. I have received many good readings with others. A reading with Ruth Ann, however, is participating in an experience with a master. I am so grateful to have had this reading with Ruth Ann and look forward to returning to her for more.

~ Scheherazade Downey


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