Court Cards: Advanced Reading Technique - mp3s

Court Cards: Advanced Reading Technique - mp3s
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There's way more to Court Cards than meets the eye, more than you'll ever know just by using your intuition or learning "what they mean."

This two-part audio course takes an in-depth look at the surprisingly complex nature of Court Cards — the qualities of rank and suit, astrological attributions esoteric titles, elemental counterchanges, and the host of other exotic esoterica that make these 16 bland images so elusive and mysterious.

A wealth of information is expertly presented, clarified through question and answer and practice readings, and applied so organically to everyday general and personal issues that Court Cards may well become your all-time favorites in a reading!

The deeper mysteries of the Court Cards begin to be opened up for you as well. You'll find out how to turn them into the precision instruments of compass, calendar and clock. And you'll learn the answers to some fascinating primal riddles of Tarot philosophy and magick that even the most advanced readers find insoluble, and would love to know.

Join us as we begin to unravel the Great Court Card Mystery and make it your personal (and oh, so powerful!) stash of knowledge and technique.

“ I purchased your Court card audio course and found it very helpful. Court cards were a bit of a mystery to me at the time I purchased your course. Your thorough workshop, complete with the thoughts and reactions of actual people taking a workshop in person with you, as well as Wald's guiding presence, helped get me on the path to understanding this interesting cast of characters in a Tarot deck. Thank you.”

— Jenny Bakriges

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This course consists of 8 classes with two mp3s per class.


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