Readers Studio Lounge

    One of the challenges in a hotel setting is finding a place to hang out with your friends, without having to concern yourself with other hotel guests. Well, we've got that covered with our own private Readers Studio Lounge!

    The Lounge is the perfect space to talk, play music, joke around, or play some lively rounds of Jude Alexander's Tarot Game. It's also the place you'll find the famous Free Swap Table where you never know what treasures will show up — and you won't want to miss the Flying Pig!

    The Readers Studio Lounge is also a great setting for impromptu classes, demonstrations and book signings. Just tell us what you want to do, and we'll let everyone know about it.

    So come relax on our fun inflatable furniture and comfy floor cushions. Or gather 'round one of the tables to play games, share spreads, or brainstorm new ideas. And be sure to have a friend take your picture on one of Mandy Little's spectacular photo sets!

    The casual atmosphere and roomy space has made the Readers Studio Lounge one of the hot spots of the conference.

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Let the Games Begin!

    Photos by Lisa Scafutto and Carrie Paris.