Freebies, Gifts and Giveaways

We know that many of our Studio community members are careful to watch their dollars, even in the most abundant of times. We always make sure everyone who comes to The Readers Studio has the chance to walk away with a little something special…

    Always a favorite at Readers Studio, the Free Swap Table seems to get bigger and better every year. Bring a little something you know you'll never use again and leave with a little something you probably wouldn't find (or treat yourself to) elsewhere!

    When you walk into the ballroom on Friday, one of the first things you'll notice is a huge pile of gifts on stage — Tarot decks and books, original art, fabulous jewelry, and more. Those aren't for us, they're for you! We give it all away in the (Almost) Never-Ending Readers Studio Giveaway!

    Giveaway prizes are donated by presenters, publishers, vendors and members of our abundantly creative community. The pile of loot is so big that it usually takes all weekend to award it all! Your chances of winning are… well, statistics never were our strong suit, but let's just say they're pretty darned good. So set your intention and be sure to listen for your name!

    Thanks to the generosity of Llewellyn Worldwide, Readers Studio attendees are delighted each year by a special gift at check-in. You never know what kind of Tarot goodness you'll find in your registration goody bag! (We don't want to spoil the surprise so you'll just have to join us to find out!)

                  photos by Doug Reuschel

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