Tarot Meditation Bundle

Tarot Meditation Bundle
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This special Tarot Meditation Bundle includes: • TAROT MAJORS MEDITATIONS Looking for a new way to experience the Tarot? Come along on these guided experiential adventures with the Major Arcana and four suit symbols of the Tarot. Throw away any pre-conceived ideas about guided meditations and fasten your seat belt for some great Tarot fun! Includes: 26 mp3 recordings + 61-page book of scripts (pdf) PLUS… • TAROT KEYS These 22 "channeled" piano pieces will take you on a musical journey through the magical world of the Major Arcana. Composed in the keys assigned to the cards by the Golden Dawn, this beautiful, relaxing music will bring every card to life. Perfect for meditation, too! Includes: 22 mp3 recordings


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