What Should I Ask?

What Should I Ask?
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Any good tarot reading starts with a good question. But sometimes it's not so easy to think of one. Or maybe we (or our clients) get stuck in a rut of asking the same questions again and again. What Should I Ask? can help break those boring patterns!

What Should I Ask? is a compendium of practical questions that address many day-to-day concerns. You can ask them just the way they’re written, or allow them to get you thinking of more personal versions.

    How To Use this Study Guide:

  • Choose a single question as the focus of a reading
  • Group several related questions
  • Use the questions as positions in a spread
  • Pick a question as the focus of a contemplation
  • Use them when learning to read with a new deck
  • Let questions suggest exercises for your students

Over 300 questions are arranged in 14 categories, making it easy to find a good fit for your reading needs.

If your clients are singing those old familiar songs, if you're tired of asking the same questions over and over again just so you can practice your reading skills, or if you’re simply stuck for a question in the first place, What Should I Ask? can help.

Format: downloadable pdf – 29 pages


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