The Arrow of Sagittarius - MP3s

The Arrow of Sagittarius - MP3s
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A special experience in Tarot Pathworking!

Death. The Devil. The Tower. The dark cards, the cards your querents don't want to see in a reading. For better or worse, this small group of cards carries the burden of our darkest thoughts and myths. But what if you could transform this darkness into a source of great insight and personal power?

In this rare Tarot School audio course, you'll use the Qabalah's Tree of Life and a technique called “pathworking” to do just that.

What is Pathworking?

Pathworking is a journey on the Tree of Life, taken with the aid of Tarot. Done correctly, pathworking will give you intimate knowledge of the universe, the cards, and (of course) yourself.

Once the way of only the mystic or ceremonial magician, it remains difficult to find those who teach this specialized work. Nonetheless, as practitioners ourselves, we know from experience how valuable pathworking can be. That's why we were determined to make it available to those who wish to undertake it.

A deeply personal experience for growth and change

This work is not for clients. It is just for you.

You don't need your decks in these classes, and you won't take notes. When you do this work, the cards cease to exist on paper. Instead, they are something you experience, personally and deeply.

In the Western Mystery Tradition, Qabalah and Tarot join forces to create pathworking, the core tool for seekers looking to find their own truth. Because such seekers are rare, the paths are hidden to most of the world.

But don't worry — your way will be lit by talented magicians who have gone before you. And we'll be right there with you when you return.

Here's what you'll bring back with you…

As you might imagine, pathworking is not always easy. But it is deeply satisfying. And the rewards are rich, indeed…

    You'll gain an intimate knowledge of the cards that you just can't get any other way. (Very few individuals have this knowledge.)

    You'll return with a new understanding of yourself. (Indeed, your experience may change you.)

    You'll be empowered by your new knowledge — the “dark” archetypes become reservoirs of strength to draw from when they manifest in real life.

    You'll intensify your own personal experience with the insights of students just like you.

    You'll do it all in safe space, guided by the wisdom of experienced teachers.

A safe place to explore your inner self

If you've ever wanted to dip your toes into magical or esoteric work, The Arrow of Sagittarius audio series may be the perfect way to begin. It's an entirely safe place to explore, with experienced teachers at your side and sincere seekers in your midst.

In the alchemy of the first 4 sessions, you'll work with each card in turn: The intense energies of Death, The Devil, The Tower, and Temperance. In the 5th session, you'll travel the path of The Arrow of Sagittarius. The final session contains extensive class discussion and some questions for you to contemplate. There are 6 sessions in all.

As with everything worth doing, the more you put into this work, the more you'll get out of it. We promise that if you engage yourself fully on this journey, you'll reach rich rewards most never even hear about, much less obtain.

This work is not for everyone, but if you are attracted to its special depths, we would be honored to guide you on a journey where not many have gone before.

Includes: 12 mp3s

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