Pain-Free Qabalah for Tarot Readers - MP3s

Pain-Free Qabalah for Tarot Readers - MP3s
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Never be intimidated by the Qabalah again! Once reserved for only the hardiest of occultists and mystics, the often inscrutable — yet fundamental — spiritual foundation of Tarot becomes accessible to everyone (yes, everyone!) through step-by-step instruction, discussion and practice. Your readings will reach new heights of clarity and precision and your enjoyment of Tarot will soar after you complete this special class.

For 200 years, Qabalah has been the root, the foundation and the blueprint for the meanings and the images of Tarot. In this audio course, the essentials of Hermetic Qabalah (the version of Qabalah used with Tarot) will become clear, enjoyable, and useful. You will learn, understand, and be able to remember the principles and special language of the Tree of Life, how it applies to Tarot, and how to use it to make your readings much stronger — and, you'll have fun doing it!

Our approach is relaxed and direct, and the information is beautifully organized and presented. We recommend this course for every Tarot student, regardless of skill or experience, who is not already intimate with this material, even if you consider yourself "allergic" to Qabalah. It was designed especially for you!

Includes: 8 mp3s + workbook Note: This audio set is included with the Correspondence Course.

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“I just finished doing the Qabalah course and I believe whole heartedly that EVERYONE WHO HAS AN INTEREST IN TAROT should do this course, if nothing else. The way this is structured is truly a gift that Wald has, especially in how he shares this info.

I have heard that this isn't important as far as learning tarot goes, well I now know that it gives the foundation for all that follows. I feel so much more knowledgable in as far as understanding creation and all its implications..the tip of the iceberg yet what a tip...thanks once again for your awesome teachings.”

— Deanne Dowden (aka Angel Joyel)

Includes pdf workbook. This course consists of 8 classes with two mp3s per class. Note: This audio set is included with the Correspondence Course.


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