Advanced Elemental Array Intensive – MP3s + Workbook

The Elemental Array is part of the great magical psychology of tarot. Using just the four Aces of a tarot deck, you can learn the whole range of any person's likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, habits and predilections, and their general patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. It shows you exactly why individual people act, feel, think and believe as they do.

The fully developed, fully extended Advanced Elemental Array is a complete analytical technique. It paints a complex and accurate portrait of personality, and by itself is the foundation of a very effective magical therapy. Although this course is not for beginners, any experienced reader can quickly add this powerful tool to their repertory.

The Elemental Array is very practical magic. It lights up the hidden structures of personality and identity, and begins to answer the deceptively simple question, "Who are you?" When you know how to use it, it reveals what makes individual people who they are and why and how they work.


8 two-hour classes + 4 Practicums

Class #1: Introduction and Basic Techniques

  • The short form of the Linear Array
  • The lineage of the four suits
  • The significance of the Tetragrammaton
  • Qualities and Attributions: Level One
  • Intuitive analysis and validation of individual arrays

    Class #2: Implications and Additional Techniques

  • The long form of the Linear Array
  • Implications of liked and disliked suits
  • Implications of spacing
  • The effects of life experience on an Array

    Class #3: Qualities and Attributes

  • Level Two
  • Level Three
  • Practice Session / Q & A / Discussion

    Class #4: The Dark Side

  • Trauma
  • Fears and phobias
  • Anger
  • The effects of gain and loss
  • Discussion / Q & A

    Class #5: Synastry

  • The theory of understanding and predicting
    interpersonal relationships using the Arrays of
    any two people.
  • Practice / Discussion / Q & A

    Class #6: The Square Array

  • Qualities of the pairs:
      Above and Below - strength and weakness
      Left and Right - preference and balance
      The Diagonals - median and extreme
  • Reading the suits in combination - a multi-dimensional dynamic
  • Problem solving with the Square Array

    Class #7: Four Special Techniques

  • Introduction to the four techniques
  • Technique #1: Mood shifts - changes of emphasis
  • Technique #2: Array shifts - structural changes
  • Technique #3: Glow of attention - figure and ground
  • Technique #4: Personal evolution - a path with heart

    Class #8: Conclusion

  • Review
  • Practice
  • Discussion / Q & A
  • The Mirror of the Four Aces

    Classes #9 - 12: Practicum Sessions

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