The Forty Faces of Love

The Forty Faces of Love
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Love is the joy of the world.

Seeing love everywhere and in everything is the sign of a saint, a great being, a wise one through whose eyes the misery of the world is redeemed.

In tarot, we deal with everything that people do and feel and think and are. Not all of it is happy. Much of it is unwise. Trouble is everywhere in small or large ways. That's why people come to us. They look to tarot and its readers for hope, for advice, for warnings that can save them from the unforeseen. But more than anything, they come for love.

Questions about love, romance and relationships seem to outnumber all other questions combined. These are the questions that dominate our attention as readers. These are the obvious forms of the standard human drama of love.

Hope, fear, jealousy, rage, passion — these are among the wilder and fiercer faces of love. But there are softer, subtler ones, too. Sacrifice, resignation, acceptance, intimacy, growth and transformation, tenderness, care and worry, patience — these and many others are also a part of love's repertory of expressions. The possibilities go on and on.

All that is human is tarot's concern. Every nuance of action, thought, fact and feeling is part of tarot's domain. But there are only 78 cards in a deck. How are readers supposed to find the answer to every question with such a tiny instrument? And even harder is to find the source, the divine, in the act of divination.

Of all the possible roots of human activity and concern, of all the places to look for a source of encompassing wisdom from which to draw answers, we are pointed by the overwhelming abundance of interest to love.

In one way or another, the saints and sages of every tradition, the best and wisest of us in all times and places, have found themselves at their best and most useful when they speak of it and from it. This is true of tarot also.

It is said that Eskimo languages have 50 or more names for snow, because snow is so pervasive and so subtle in its manifestations. In this study guide, we will look for the Forty Faces of Love in the numbered cards of the Minor Arcana, because love, too, is subtle and pervasive.

If you are a reader who can find the love in tarot wherever you look, you will be a great reader and your clients will be the lucky ones. This study guide will open up the subject and point you in that direction.

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