The Supernal Triad: First Steps on the Tree of Life - MP3s

The Supernal Triad: First Steps on the Tree of Life - MP3s
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As an experienced student of Tarot, you know that the Rider Waite deck's foundations lie in Hermetic Qabalah, a discipline known for its rich rewards as well as its depth and complexity. But who can be bothered to learn it when all there usually is to go on is lists of attributions with boring explanations or no explanations at all?

In this 6-class series, Wald pulls back the Qabalist's curtain and, step by step, starts you on your journey to true understanding of this fascinating subject. By focusing on the first of the "threes" of Tarot and Qabalah, Wald begins to give you the core knowledge from which everything else in Tarot springs.

You'll learn:

      Why an abstract discipline like Qabalah does matter to you — and why the mere understanding and acceptance of this principle alone will instantly make you a better reader

      The reasons behind the esoteric attributions for The Fool, The Magician, The Empress, the numbers 1-3 and each of the first 3 Minor Arcana cards of every suit: what the attributions mean, why they are important and how to use them in readings. You'll also see how deeply they are connected and how powerfully they work together.

      Specific and detailed meanings for these cards that you can use in readings right away

      Tricks on how you can instantly call upon this material in a reading without needing years of study

      How to create your personal storehouse of Qabalistic knowledge — and how to access it on autopilot

Of course, phenomenal reading skills are only a byproduct of the Qabalah's much larger purpose. You'll discover how these principles form a set of tools for your personal growth that work — regardless of your spiritual path.

You won't find this clear, step-by-step guide to the mysteries of the top of the Tree of Life in any book, or anywhere else! With these secrets, your understanding of Tarot will grow to brilliant new heights.

“I have just finished the Supernal Triad audio course — absolutley fantastic!! It gave me such indepth understanding of The Fool, Magician and The Empress and a much better understanding of the Cube of Space — I didn't want the lessons to end!!

The meditations for each were just wonderful Ruth Ann — that topped off each lesson perfectly!! Thank you both for this fantastic journey through the numbers, the depths and the paths and just how amazing the tarot really is!!”

— Pamela May

Includes: 12 mp3 files

victrola GOLDEN OLDIE: The sound quality of these vintage recordings is poor but the material is rich with information.

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