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Private Reading
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Running The Tarot School with Wald keeps me pretty busy, but I still love giving readings! My specialty is using your Birth Cards and Elemental Array (techniques Wald and I have developed) in conjunction with random draws to give you an extremely personalized and powerful reading.

I excel at giving Readings for Readers so if you're always reading for other people, let me help you with some self-care for a change!

A working knowledge of tarot is required to book a reading with me. Let's set a date and I'll send you a Zoom link.


When I found out that Ruth Ann gives readings, I was quite excited to have the opportunity to have a reading from a true Tarot Master. I am a Reader myself and study Tarot. I have been going through a lot of life changes recently but I felt like I was having a difficult time distinguishing between what the cards were saying and what I wanted to hear.

Ruth Ann started with my Birth Cards, which she will figure out for you if you are not sure what they are. She was able to offer some keen insights into how my Birth Cards influence my overall outlook on life and how I approach the issues that come along. She then had me do an Elemental Array with the four Aces. This provided insight which complemented what had been learned from the Birth Cards to incorporate into my reading. It was like a sort of mini psychological profile and was amazingly accurate. This invaluable insight provided a deep understanding of my struggles and allowed me to easily sift through what was most important to ask thereby setting the stage for my Reading.

Then the question. Ruth Ann chose a specific spread to address my inquiry. She talked about what was going on with my situation offering intuitive input and insightful interpretations of the cards. She then blended in the information from my Birth Cards and Elemental Array in order to make the reading highly personal. It was definitely one of the very best readings I have ever had because it was so specific to me and how I approach the world. She listened well and was able to anticipate what I was thinking and respond accordingly with additional insights. I very much appreciated both her talent and her empathetic approach.

This was not just a reading but an overall experience - one that I highly recommend, especially for Readers. Ruth Ann went beyond the cards in a very unique way and carved out a path that guided me toward a higher insight to use for addressing my questions beyond the reading. She did this with an unassuming grace that was so welcoming and made me feel completely supported.

Thank You, Ruth Ann!!

~ Kristen Valentine, MSW, LCSW


"I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for the Tarot reading you did for me in respect to a crises with my relationship with my daughter. Your knowledge and insight into the Tarot from decades of study, reflection and experience was clearly evident throughout the reading. You offered your wisdom of the Tarot with so much kindness and grounded support that helped me see my way through. I came away with the tools and understanding I needed to respond to the situation with clarity and conviction. It's been a few months since the reading, and I want you to know that your reading served to resolve the conflict. Your reading brought a light in a time of darkness. Thank you!"

~ Nita-Rose Augsbach
Yoga and Meditation Teacher

"When it comes to divination and interpretation, Ruth Ann Amberstone is the “Tarot Whisperer” of the seventy-eight. She has absorbed these provocative images into her DNA and imbued them with her own unique gifts and insights.

She listens attentively with an open and loving heart, and offers guidance that can bring a shining light to the darker shadows of life’s often troubling puzzlements. Having a reading with Ruth Ann will leave the querent feeling lighter and hopeful that there is a path forward that may lead to a life better lived."

~ Scott Martin
Tarot author, teacher, life coach

"Thank you Ruth Ann for a beautiful and inspiring tarot reading. The insights you provided through your deep understanding of my Birth Cards really helped me. I was finally able to embrace the positive traits of the Tower and the Chariot, which have always had me feeling pulled in multiple directions. Your psychic impressions combined with your knowledge of the cards translated into wonderful and very helpful advice.

I also enjoyed learning about the “Elemental Array” and appreciate your encouragement to utilize new techniques in my own tarot readings. Having a recording to refer to is wonderful as well. During our reading, you brought my attention to a lot of power that is available to me.

I appreciate you, Ruth Ann. You are a beautiful and enthusiastic mirror of truth."

~ Maribeth McNair
Tarot card reader and Reiki Master/Teacher

"Thank you for the wonderful and helpful reading you did for me. It boosted my confidence and it was fun all at the same time. Thank you for sending me the replay of my reading. I know I will be referring to it again and again through the year. I will be keeping a journal as I go along and am looking forward to watching things unfold and to acquiring a deeper rapport with the energies of the Tarot. It will be fun to do another reading in a few months also."

~ Virginia Lyman Lucas
Author, Historian

"This year I had an opportunity to have a Tarot card reading with Ruth Ann Amberstone. She began the reading with an introduction to my Birth Cards. This was the first time I had a reading with this focus, or centering, and it was instructive because of the ways those two particular cards revealed my central characteristics/energies. With this framework for the rest of my reading, the other cards that appeared in the spread had a deeper resonance. I believe many people are fascinated with Tarot and astrology because these practices give them a glimpse into their more subconscious, inner self. Ruth Ann's sensitivity, familiarity with Tarot and intuitive gifts made that possible for me."

~ Wendy Weber

"I had an amazing reading with you a couple of months ago. You were spot on and everything we discussed came to fruition. The insight from the reading was extraordinary."

~ Sandra Nichols

"My reading with Ruth Ann was deeply genuine and revealing. The most surprising thing that came out of it was that the reason that led me to seek a reading evolved over the course of my time with Ruth Ann, and something far more profound emerged. Thanks to the information gleaned, I know more about myself and have a clearer understanding of what direction I'm moving in, and while all of the news wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear, it was absolutely what I needed to know."

~ Paige Moore


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