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Downloadable guides to special Tarot School techniques.

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Color Costume & Choreography

The imagery in most tarot decks contains a dazzling complexity of depth and detail. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start when interpreting...
Color Costume & Choreography $7.00

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Contemplation: Going Deeper into Tarot

One method for reaching deep places of meaning within ourselves is called Contemplation. Through contemplation, words and images become guides to...
Contemplation: Going Deeper into Tarot $7.00

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Court Cards: The Fourth Arcanum

Tarot is full of mysteries and depths. Every card comes in layers many deep. Cards can be combined into all sorts of meaningful groups that make them...
Court Cards: The Fourth Arcanum $7.00

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Reading Tarot with Your Five Senses

This technique is a one-card spread, called The Five Senses Reading. It is one you can do often with remarkable results. But more important than any...
Reading Tarot with Your Five Senses $7.00

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Tarot and Health

This Study Guide explores a selection of health issues that may be inferred from the tarot. Learn what conditions the suits might indicate and what...
Tarot and Health $7.00

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The Forty Faces of Love

Love is the joy of the world. Seeing love everywhere and in everything is the sign of a saint, a great being, a wise one through whose eyes the...
The Forty Faces of Love $7.00

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The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence is the power to communicate directly with anything in the universe, including a tarot card. It is a practical technique for...
The Power of Silence $7.00

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The Voice in the Card

One of the most powerful and versatile techniques we teach at The Tarot School is an intuitive reading method we call the Voice in the Card. It works...
The Voice in the Card $7.00

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What Should I Ask?

Any good tarot reading starts with a good question. But sometimes it's not so easy to think of one. Or maybe we (or our clients) get stuck in a rut...
What Should I Ask? $7.00

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