Experiential Tarot

The cards come to life through these special techniques, meditations and journeywork.

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Tarot Majors Meditations (digital downloads)

Guided experiential adventures with the Major Arcana and four suit symbols of the Tarot. Written and narrated by Ruth Ann Amberstone. Includes: 26...
Tarot Majors Meditations (digital downloads) $49.00

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Tarot & Past Lives MP3s

You have lived before — and your past lives hold answers to questions that cannot be explained by this life alone. Using only a tarot deck...
Tarot & Past Lives MP3s $69.00

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Will and Intent - MP3s

It will not surprise you that the world is not as it seems and that you are more than you know. Tarot is famous for showing the truth of these words....
Will and Intent - MP3s $69.00

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The Arrow of Sagittarius - MP3s

A special experience in Tarot Pathworking! Death. The Devil. The Tower. The dark cards, the cards your querents don't want to see in a reading. For...
The Arrow of Sagittarius - MP3s $89.00

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