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Vol. 2 #16 / August 15, 2010

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- Tarot Tip: How to See Patterns in a Reading
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- Best Practices: The Lonely Querent
- Featured Tarot Blog: Barbara Moore's Tarot Blog

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!!
 And a special welcome to our new members!
As readers, our task involves isolating an impasse
in an individual's dilemma through examination
of the cards within a spread. Our guest contributor,
Peggy Firth, has graciously provided us with a tip
on gaining insights from the patterns shown in
these cards.

We will soon begin to transition into Virgo,
and this presents an opportunity to discuss
The Hermit, the showcase card of this issue. The
Hermit carries his own source of light as he makes
his way through a solitary journey through the
darkness. This trump holds within it the creative
energy of fire and the grounding element of the
earth, and certainly many other contrasting
symbols and patterns.

The shift from the fun of summer into the
seriousness of back-to-school time may lead us
to meet new teachers, professors and learning
opportunities of all kinds. While it is beneficial
to have external sources of knowledge, let's not
forget our inner teacher and the importance of
lessons gained through life experiences.

Yours in wisdom and light,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip
by Peggy Firth, CTM

Tarot cards relate to each other in patterns, and
these patterns influence the overall significance
of a spread as a whole. You may have been reading
each card individually as you turn it over.
However, if you examine a spread for patterns,
they will begin to emerge and reflect a stronger
meaning. Some patterns are obvious and others are

First, see what is missing. If, for example, no
Cups appear in a spread, it may be sending a
message that a relationship may require some
attention, or that your querent has intimacy
issues. If no Pentacles appear, you may see lack
or limitation. A lack of Swords may indicate an
absence of the rational thinking necessary to
solve a problem.

Here are some other things to watch for. The
advantage of this system is that it does not
require detailed knowledge of divinatory meanings.

Suit. If one suit is dominant, your reading will
point towards the issues of that suit. For
example, if Cups are predominant in a spread,
relationships and emotions may well be the primary

Color. Do the colors of the cards in the spread
intuitively feel happy, sad or neutral? This alone
can tell you how things are likely to work out.

Water. Water signifies mystery and the feminine.
Depending on the body of water - a pond, droplets
of water, a waterfall, an ocean, a lake or a cup
of water - this can add depth, softness, flow and
feeling to issues of a reading.

Weather. Do the skies look threatening, full of
light or just neutral?

Flora. Is there an abundance of flowers, trees and
grassy land or are the cards devoid of nature?

Landscape. Desert, mountains, hills and buildings.
Look for multiples that enlarge upon the overall

People. How do people in the cards relate to each
other? Look at the way they are facing towards or
away from each other in a spread. Is there a lot
of fighting, celebrating, ruling, discontent, etc.

Major Arcana. If you have more Major Arcana cards
than you would ordinarily expect, the reading will
take on more importance. The 'pip' cards or Minor
Arcana are often called the mundane cards.

Minor Arcana. If most or all of the cards in a
spread are Minor Arcana you may be able to read
the cards like a comic book, using the above
imagery to help form your reading.

Numbers. Numerology is often used when reading the
tarot. Each number from one to ten represents a
certain value. Numerology has changed over the
decades, and different cultures place different
meanings on the numbers. Higher numbers, including
the Page, Knight, Queen and King represent a more
mature nature.

Elements. The four elements of FIRE, WATER, AIR
and EARTH, associated with the four suits, impact
each other and are a whole system of reading unto
themselves, called Elemental Dignities. Some
research into this subject will yield a lot of
valuable insight.

Symbols. Some of the cards, such as The Chariot,
are full of symbols. Your spread may contain an
abundance of stars or other meaningful symbols
that take on more significance if they appear next
to each other.

Positive, Negative or Neutral Cards. How do the
images make you feel and how do they act next to
each other? You may have dealt a spread full of
images that affect you strongly one way or
another. Remember, an abundance of similar images
accentuates the overall meaning.

Royalty. Elaborate costumes from the Middle Ages
are prevalent in the Rider-Waite deck, and in many
others as well. Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings
were considered above the average person. Today we
might regard them as abstract symbols of maturity,
power, strength and influence.

As you read all of the ways that relationships
between the cards can affect a reading, you might
feel a bit overwhelmed at first. However, those
relationships are valuable additions to overall
interpretation, and will be helpful in determining
your feelings about a spread. Whatever immediately
strikes you in these patterns is your subconscious
or higher mind revealing an important message.
You should trust your first response.

Visit Peggy Firth on the web at

Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a
specific tarot card. While there are many
systems and decks to choose from in the world
of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite
Tarot images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.
Esoteric Title: Prophet of the Eternal,
Magus of the Voice of Power
Astrological Attribution: Virgo (Earth)
Hebrew Letter:
Yod = Hand
Intelligence of Will

The Hermit's path on the Tree of Life is
associated with the Hebrew letter, Yod, the first
letter in the Tetragrammaton. Yod means hand,
symbol of creative energy, and as the first letter
in the name of God, symbolizes the element of
divine fire from which everything is created.

The Hermit is the archetype of the wise old man,
guru, guide or sage. Jung classified this
archetype as the "mana personality" - mana
meaning full of power or holy. The wisdom in The
Hermit is a deep and holy wisdom.

The Hermit travels his path alone. He carries a
lantern illuminated by his own effort as he
reaches the mountaintop to be in contact with the
Divine Source of All. At the summit, The Hermit
serves as a light bearer and guide for others.

The Hermit is often depicted as a lone figure atop
an isolated mountain. This may call to mind the
story of Moses alone on the mountaintop of Sinai
in the Egyptian desert. Just as the journey
through the wilderness was a time of searching and
spiritual renewal, The Hermit in a spread
represents an allegorical journey of intense

In a reading, The Hermit may indicate a time of
seeking self-knowledge or awareness. It may
indicate that the path to knowing oneself is a
lonely path. Standard interpretations for this
card often suggest the themes of isolation and
separation. Depending on the surrounding cards,
this isolation can be self-inflicted or the result
of another's boundary issues.
A less familiar but deeper understanding of this
card can highlight issues of ambition, persistence
and achievement.

Positive Keywords:
Wisdom, inspiration,
persistence, ambition; wise man, seer, spiritual
leader; solitary contemplation, guidance.

Negative Keywords:
Isolated, lonely, outcast;
uninspired, unmotivated, impulsive and lacking

Upcoming Events:
  • CARD STUDY COMPLETE: The Suit of Wands

    Card Study Complete is a course that aligns itself
    as closely as possible with the energy of the
    seasons. With this series we take a look at the
    Minor Arcana in the form of the Suit of Wands,
    often associated with the season of Summer.

    In these four classes, you'll find out that the
    Suit of Wands is magnificent. It's a whole world
    all by itself, and one quarter of all there is.
    And if you don't already know it, you'll also
    begin to realize that the Minor Arcana cards are
    anything but minor.

    This will be a beautiful series, full of elegant
    surprises and a pleasing depth of useful
    knowledge. Even if you are an experienced student
    of tarot, you may never have seen anything like it.

    4 Thursdays: August 19, 26, September 2 and 6
    9-11 pm Eastern time
    Tuition: $80 for the series - includes .mp3
    Earns 8 Degree credits
  • August 20-22
  • Minnesota Area Tarot Symposium
    Dakota Ridge Hotel, Eagan, MN
    Presenters include: Nancy Antenucci, Thraicie
    Hawkner,  Rhonda Lund, JoAnne Makela,
    Jeannette Roth, Melani Weber
  • August 28-29
  • Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS)
    First Unitarian Universalist Centre, San Francisco
    Speakers include: Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack,
    James Wanless, Marcus Katz, Teressena Bakens,
    Pamela Eakins, Diane Wilkes, Leisa ReFalo, Joseph
    Ernest Martin, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Jaymi Elford,
    Katrina Wynne, Arisa Victor, Rabbit McMatthews,
    and more be announced soon!
  • September 11-12
  • Tarosophy Conference
    Keswick, England

    Guest speaker Lon Milo DuQuette, best-selling
    author on Aleister Crowley, Magick and Tarot (in
    his only UK visit in 2010) will be joined by other
    expert speakers on Kabbalah, Tarot & Astrology,
    Marcus Katz (Tarosophy, pub. Salamander & Sons,
    Summer 2010), Mick Frankel and Kim Huggens (Tarot
    101, pub. Llewellyn, Summer 2010).


    Best Practices for Professional Readers
    By Gina Thies -
    A repeat client is a dream come true for the
    professional reader. One of the main reasons for
    marketing is to snag the type of buyer that will
    come again and again and maybe tell a friend as

    You may not realize it but you could have a
    querent who doesn't really need a reading. They
    may be suffering from loneliness, telling you all
    of their problems and getting "advice" as a
    way of alleviating their feelings of rejection,
    sadness, grief or isolation.

    Perhaps you have had the experience of the querent
    who books a reading only to get answers or hear
    what the cards "have to say" about the same
    situation from 2 weeks ago.

    Everyone gets lonely - from the isolated housewife
    to the busy business executive, it happens to us
    all. Loneliness can be a form of neediness that
    can cause a person to not recognize or overstep
    boundaries. Recognizing the signs of your
    client's loneliness can help point them in the
    direction of changing their state of mind and help
    your own boundaries.

    Boundaries are important because it is very easy
    for us to become our querent's friend, and they
    may no longer see us as their "advisor" or
    respect our time.

    Here are some tips on ways to increase your
    readings and still assist in transitioning your
    lonely querent to a path of fulfillment and a
    sense of community.

    1.  Majors only spread. This could focus on an
    underlying or "hidden" issue that may not be
    apparent to the querent.

    2.  Guided meditation. Use a meditation before
    or after the reading with your querent. Use a
    guided meditation that will place them in a secure
    environment. A prayer or ritual could work too.

    3.  Use an oracle deck. Combining an oracle deck
    with a tarot reading can be powerful and fun for
    the querent.

    4.  Encourage other activities.
    This is a
    no-brainer but sometimes the obvious has to be

    Be aware that loneliness can stem from a host of
    issues including depression. Your querent may be
    on a quest for a guru and have found this in you
    - at least temporarily.
    Happy readings, everyone!

    Questions arise when developing or transitioning
    to professional Tarot Reading status to earn
    income. These can range from "How can I make
    money with Tarot?" and "How do I get started?"
    to more complex technical and business questions.
    You may already be up and running and have
    questions about how to enhance or ramp up your
    business. We would love to hear from you. Send any
    questions, or interest in a future class on the
    Business of Tarot, to


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    Start your tarot journey here... and go anywhere!
    Study at your own pace and get one-on-one coaching
    from Tarot School director, Wald Amberstone.

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