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Vol. 2 #15 / August 1, 2010

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- Welcome
- Tarot Tip: Wisdom of the Beasts of Tarot
- Tarot Card Showcase: Strength
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- Best Practices: Divination and Delicate Situations
- Featured Tarot Blog: 9 Elephants

Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!!
 And a special welcome to our new members!
The hot days of August are upon us! The warmth of
the season often encourages outdoor activities and
physical fitness. It is important to build stamina
and strengthen our physical bodies but we should
not neglect spiritual and psychic fitness.

Tarot is forever the psychic fitness instructor
with its many layers of correspondences and
symbolism. Deep concentration or meditation
exercises upon its symbols can bring mastery
through self-examination. Consistency and
determination in spiritual development leads to an
unlocking of the inner nature of the Self.

This issue discusses animal symbolism in tarot.
Animal symbolism has been used in myths, legends
and some of the oral traditions to give deeper
meanings of figurative and magical expression.
This issue's tip gives keywords to explore what
the beasts of tarot may signify in a reading.

Even though we may not think about fall harvest at
this time, today is Lammas, celebrating the first
festival of the waning year according to pagan
tradition. The Sun is well into Leo, one of the
Zodiac's most powerful signs, and corresponds to
the showcase card, Strength. The symbol of the lion
represents the power of the sun, which holds
things in place in the solar system with magnetism
and gravity.

Delicate situations that come up in readings are
in this issue's feature article, with elements
of the therapeutic reading structure that will
help shed light on unconscious issues that are a
potential source of resistance in life.

Yours on the tarot journey,
Ruth Ann, Wald & Gina

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Tarot Tip

Humanity has long sought the guidance of spirits
that could take on the appearance of animals.
Animal symbols were incorporated in the design of
hieroglyphs to evoke understanding of secret codes
that revealed deep esoteric meanings.

In tarot imagery, animals depict magical functions
and deep mystical knowledge. The characteristics
and nature of animals can be extraordinarily
useful in pointing to unrecognized feelings or
drives that play a role in circumstances facing
the querent. They can be key elements that bring
insight to the seeker and resolution for his

The following lists of keywords may be considered
when these animals are present on a card in a
reading. Although there are many animals used in
tarot imagery, this list considers the most common

Bull: Attraction, aggressiveness, deep instinctive
responses, either positive or negative,
territorial protection, family orientation,
physical strength, maleness, power, potency, war,
frustration of thwarted efforts, and sacrifices.

Birds: The mind, thoughts, hopes, longings,
freedom from restraints, the unconscious,
independence, an inner calling, migration and
lightening up. Air.

Butterfly: Lightness of spirit, rapid change,
transformation, anxiety, relocation.

Cat: Occult power, sexuality, affection, stealth,
ability to fight; mysterious, sneaky, intuitive,
fertile, feminine, nurturing, secretive, playful,
sensual and aloof.

Coyote: Shape-shifter, risk-taker, survivalist;
wild, unbridled, unsafe; instinct, pursuit,
nightfall, illumination.

Crab: Moon energy, protection, armor, home,
security; irritable, defensive, crabby. Cancer.

Crayfish: Prophetic, psychic, mysterious,
defensive and protective.

Dog: Friendship, companion, loyalty, primal animal
energy, connection to nature, instincts,
protection, love, devotion, community, family, guardians, messengers, honesty and death.

Dove: Spirituality, purity, peace, martyrdom, the
soul, awareness, sanctity, beauty, love, innocence
and messenger of God.

Dragon: Myth, mayhem, havoc, the unconscious,
history, sexual desires, untamed urges and

Eagle: Power, sharpness, wit, perceptive, steady,
intelligent, discerning, seeing the truth, grace
and superiority.

Falcon: Sharp, trained hunter, searching,
evocation, the soul, guardian, astral travel,
understanding and control.

Fish: New awareness, immortality, psychic ability,
new life, pregnancy and deepened sense of self.

Fox: Sly, swift, hurried, quick-witted, adaptable,
self-centered, silly; the Trickster and

Horse: Enthusiasm, dependability, service,
socialization, control, energy, tension,
endurance, power, desire, spirit and speed.

Ibis: Knowledge, fertility, sacrifice, bravery,
sacred to the god Thoth.

Lion: Ferocity, powerful, great physical strength,
leadership, parenthood, family ties, anger, fear,
sovereignty, assertiveness, fortitude and courage.

Lizard: Survival, regeneration, fight-or-flight,
agility,  burning desires, repulsion, adaptability
and transformation.

Ram: Defensiveness, renewal, masculinity,
dominance, conformity, courage, new beginnings,
steadiness, fearlessness, fatherhood, sexual

Snake: Instincts, warning, life force, Kundalini
energy, creativity, scrying, seduction,
destruction, wisdom,  process of aging, rebirth,
cunning, healing, alertness and death.

Sphinxes: Heritage, duality, mystery, masculine
and feminine energy, ancestry, attraction,
repulsion, sacredness and complexities.

Wolf: Hunter, pursuer, journeys, prowler,
fugitive, loner, alienation, outsmarting your
enemies, stability, transformation, and


Tarot Card Showcase

In this section we will feature tidbits on a
specific tarot card. While there are many
systems and decks to choose from in the world
of tarot, here we use the Universal Waite
Tarot images and symbols.
Copyright 1992 U.S Games.
Esoteric Title: Daughter of the Flaming Sword.
Hebrew Letter: Teth
Meaning: Snake
Function: Taste
Strength can manifest itself on many levels
especially the physical. This card has two
representations of power even though the woman
seems to dominate or have some magical hold over
the lion. To some it appears she is closing the
lion's mouth and others see her as opening the
lion's mouth. Either circumstance would call for
a gentle caution and reading of the essence of one
another's energy.

The red lion of Strength is an alchemical symbol
representing the force of nature under perfect
control of Solar energy and Will. The lion is
related to Leo that is ruled by the sun. The
lion's mane sprout out like sun rays, and the lion
is a naturally golden sun yellow. The lion
represents religious and stately power and
leadership, as in references to "the lion of
Judah" and King Richard, the Lion Heart.

The woman is the feminine side of the masculine
sun energy, and thus we can see the partnership of
opposites in a dance of awareness and instinct. As
a tamer of the lion, she signifies control over
unbridled urges. This is also shown in the roses
in the wreath on her head showing a desire held in

She is pure and proper and before the lion can
enter her realm, he must learn to transcend his
bestial nature. The woman is an enlightened soul
demonstrated by the halo of the lemniscate. She is
wise enough to know that the lion has the power to
rip her apart, so she uses compassion and intimacy
to allow the Light within to shine.

The greatest strength conceived by man is the
Light of the Sun represented by solar gods such as
Horus, Lugh and Mithras. Mithras has an
association with Aion, whose is depicted as a
human with the head of a roaring lion standing
with both legs together with a snake coiled around
his body.

The meaning of the Hebrew letter corresponding to
this path, Teth, means snake, and both the lion
and the snake symbolism are of key importance to
the meaning of this card. Just as a snake can coil
itself seizing its prey, so can our emotions
spring upon us suddenly from behind due to rage,
jealousy, lust or pride.

Strength often implies brutality, violence,
threats or traumatic events. Stories such as
"Daniel and the Lion" or Sampson facing the
lion illustrates how man comes up against such
brute force. The tale of St. Jerome demonstrates
how coming in contact with such a force can be
constructive and end on a positive note with a
lifetime friend or servant.

When this card appears in a reading, there may be
integration of a natural force that at first seems
unfamiliar or threatening. The situation may call
for determination, bravery and willingness. A lust
for life, power, money or sex may be driving your
actions and choices.

Positive Keywords:
Wisdom, awareness, right-
thinking, control, integrity, self-discipline,
passion, fortitude, courage, motivation, health,
gentleness, yearning, royalty, natural power and

Negative Keywords: Trouble, danger, domination,
cowardice, emotional agony, exhaustion, ferocity,
difficulty, obstacle, fear, disappointment,
lethargy, unreasonableness, curbed enthusiasm,
jealousy and selfishness.

Upcoming Events:
  • CARD STUDY COMPLETE: The Suit of Wands

    Card Study Complete is a course that aligns itself
    as closely as possible with the energy of the
    seasons. With this series we take a look at the
    Minor Arcana in the form of the Suit of Wands,
    often associated with the season of Summer.

    In these four classes, you'll find out that the
    Suit of Wands is magnificent. It's a whole world
    all by itself, and one quarter of all there is.
    And if you don't already know it, you'll also
    begin to realize that the Minor Arcana cards are
    anything but minor.

    This will be a beautiful series, full of elegant
    surprises and a pleasing depth of useful
    knowledge. Even if you are an experienced student
    of tarot, you may never have seen anything like it.

    4 Thursdays: August 19, 26, September 2 and 6
    9-11 pm Eastern time
    Tuition: $80 for the series - includes .mp3
    Earns 8 Degree credits
  • August 20-22
  • Minnesota Area Tarot Symposium
    Dakota Ridge Hotel, Eagan, MN
    Presenters include: Nancy Antenucci, Thraicie
    Hawkner,  Rhonda Lund, JoAnne Makela,
    Jeannette Roth, Melani Weber
  • August 28-29
  • Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS)
    First Unitarian Universalist Centre, San Francisco
    Speakers include: Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack,
    James Wanless, Marcus Katz, Teressena Bakens,
    Pamela Eakins, Diane Wilkes, Leisa ReFalo, Joseph
    Ernest Martin, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Jaymi Elford,
    Katrina Wynne, Arisa Victor, Rabbit McMatthews,
    and more be announced soon!
  • September 11-12
  • Tarosophy Conference
    Keswick, England

    Guest speaker Lon Milo DuQuette, best-selling
    author on Aleister Crowley, Magick and Tarot (in
    his only UK visit in 2010) will be joined by other
    expert speakers on Kabbalah, Tarot & Astrology,
    Marcus Katz (Tarosophy, pub. Salamander & Sons,
    Summer 2010), Mick Frankel and Kim Huggens (Tarot
    101, pub. Llewellyn, Summer 2010).


    Best Practices for Professional Readers
    By Gina Thies -
    In life, sometimes, the most difficult thing to do
    is acknowledge our struggles and problems,
    particularly when we have to be open about private
    dramas. It is even more difficult to seek out
    solutions or guidance when situations are
    delicate. In the process of guiding the
    querent's delicate situation, you could be faced
    with misinterpreted symbols, conflicting
    information and the querent not opening up because
    you are "all-knowing" and they want to get
    their money's worth.

    Querents can also be delicate souls, in that they
    have not yet faced their true natures, choosing to
    live with the wool pulled over their eyes. There
    is no condemnation in this but they can prove to
    be challenging clients. Knowing the goals of
    the consultation can establish whether the querent
    is looking for insight-oriented therapy,
    solutions-oriented advice, or just needs to vent.

    I once did a reading regarding a querent's marriage.
    It became clear that this was a toxic relationship that
    had gone on for many years.  There was a crisis in
    the relationship, and guidance was sought regarding
    all the confusion.

    This was a delicate situation because the querent
    minimized the situation and made excuses for the
    partner and was in obvious fear - all classic signs
    of an abusive relationship. During the crisis,
    my consult included tactics and information on
    living and getting help with this situation but
    (and I knew this was coming) in the end, I became
    the "enemy" and was disregarded.

    What the experience taught me is that in readings
    on delicate situations, which can include infidelity,
    divorce, abuse, illness, grief, and sexual issues,
    it can be helpful to know when those seeking
    answers for their situation will be courageous,
    so they have the best chance at a productive
    reading. The best approach in establishing direction
    for the reading is to ask the querent what they are
    looking for from the reading.

    The responses that are given will tell you a
    lot about what they are truly seeking from a
    reading. Here are a few suggestions for
    "decoding" the querent's response.

    Reader: "What are we looking at for you today?"


    1.  I don't know or I'm not sure - means
    You're the psychic, you tell me. It's too
    personal to share. I'm embarrassed and perhaps
    I don't believe in this anyway.

    2.  What do you see for my future? - could mean
    they are testing you, they may not want to
    "incriminate" themselves for whatever reason,
    (i.e. they are involved in infidelity), you get to
    pick the topic of the reading or they really just
    want to be told things from a psychic or spiritual

    3.  It's hard to think of a question - could
    mean that they don't want to analyze or specify
    problems. The querent may not be clear on how a
    reading can help in their situation. They may feel
    that what they really want to ask is ridiculous.

    4.  What can you tell me about ... - this
    could mean they are looking for advice or another
    point of view.

    5.  Another psychic said ... - they are looking
    for validation or a second opinion because
    they did or didn't believe a previous reading.

    6.  They just start talking - this is a vent session.
    The querent may just need to work through
    their problems by verbalizing them to a neutral

    By using a therapeutic approach to a reading, the
    querent is actively drawn into understanding
    their situation and can take an active role in
    any resolution. The reader should include these
    elements in the delicate situation reading:

    1.  Querent's desire to change undesirable

    2.  Compassion.

    3.  Questions that are open-ended.

    4.  Reflection that will allow them to think
    through their problems.

    5.  Explanation of what you see positively.

    6.  Suggestions on tactics, plans or goal-setting.

    Questions arise when developing or transitioning
    to professional Tarot Reading status to earn
    income. These can range from "How can I make
    money with Tarot?" and "How do I get started?"
    to more complex technical and business questions.
    You may already be up and running and have
    questions about how to enhance or ramp up your
    business. We would love to hear from you. Send any
    questions, or interest in a future class on the
    Business of Tarot, to


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    Learn how to read with confidence and precision.
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    Study at your own pace and get one-on-one coaching
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