Study Groups

    Imagine having your pick of 14 Tarot Study Groups, each one taught by an established or up and coming Tarot expert. Each interactive workshop is a labor of love, so be sure to bring a little extra spending money! (You'll pay the nominal $35 fee per workshop directly to the instructor.)

    The after-hours Study Groups are always a standout and we have some incredible teachers on board for 2020!


    These classes will be held after the cocktail party and are open to all Readers Studio attendees, whether or not you attend Divination Day — although we hope you do!

    Dina Berrin
    Meet Your Magical Inner Leader

    Beverly Frable
    New Vision – New Readings

    Mark Horn
    Unlocking the Gates of Light

    Charise Jacobs
    Reading As An Empath

    Tom Benjamin (Ben Jolivet)
    Down and Dirty Divination

    Dennis McGuire
    Psychology of the Tarot Court

    Liz Worth
    Tarot Foundations for Beginners:
    A crash course for tarot newbies


    Elliot Adam
    Tarot Reading Without Fear

    Michael Bridge-Dickson
    Reading the Stacks

    Zane George
    The Illusion of Dualism:
    Bad Cards, Good Cards, Do They Exist?

    Liza Pretopapa
    Master the Court:
    3 Fail-Proof Techniques for Reading Court Cards like a Pro

    Cheryl Ryder
    Sure-Fire Tarot Spread Design:
    Always Have the Best Spread at Your Fingertips

    Seth Vermilyea
    Trusting Your Intuition

    Roger Welch
    Your Custom Tarot Bracelet

    Study Groups meet from 9:00 – 11:00 PM. Look for the sign-up sheets on the registration table Thursday and Friday afternoons. Tuition is $35 payable directly to the Study Group leader (cash only) at the time of class.

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How to choose? They all look fascinating!