Bus Trip to NYC


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    Bus into Manhattan on Wednesday night!

    Everyone knows that The Readers Studio is THE place for readers to be — a weekend-long “heart family gathering” where the face time matters as much as the learning — or perhaps even more.

    This year, we're getting the party started early by gifting you with a FREE bus ride into Manhattan on Wednesday evening, April 22!

    Find new friends, connect with old friends, explore NYC and get a jump on one of the most important parts of the weekend: the socializing. The bus will arrive at the hotel at 4:00 pm so we get a full evening of fun in Greenwich Village!

    Stretching from Sixth Avenue to the Hudson River, the West Village is one of the city's most coveted addresses. Full of trendy shops, historic taverns, and cozy restaurants set amid 19th century architecture, this neighborhood has a unique old-world feel. You won't find a more picturesque location in Manhattan. Without the traditional city grid layout, it's easy to get lost here, but that's part of the fun as you stroll down elegant narrow streets with beautiful brownstones. When you need a break, you can always stop in at one of the many quaint eateries or cafes to soak in the atmosphere, or head to the western edge of the neighborhood to enjoy magnificent waterfront views while taking a leisurely walk in Hudson River Park.

    Be sure to pay a visit to the famous Christopher Street!

    The bus will leave the city at 9:30 pm to return to the hotel… where the party will undoubtedly continue!

    There's no cost for the bus — it's our gift to you. To take advantage of this special perk, simply send us an email to let us know you're coming in early and would like us to save you a seat.*

    We're hoping you come early and kick the Studio off right!

    * We need a minimum of 15 passengers by March 15th to charter the bus.

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    Save me a seat on that bus, I'm hitting the city in style!