Tarot and Psychology Conference
    THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 2017

    The human psyche is as fascinating as it is complex. Understanding it is a major goal of psychologists, as well as anyone engaged in self-inquiry. There are many approaches one can take, and many tools that can help. Tarot is one such tool that is gaining in popularity as a way to support and facilitate personal understanding. As Dr. Arthur Rosengarten wrote in his classic book, Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility:

    “The Tarot is a remarkable collection of images and symbols that picture multidimensional themes of universal human experience. With a random series of cards properly interpreted in pre-designated positions (a spread), the intuitive observer will be surprised by the amazing subtlety and sophistication with which this method facilitates self-reflection, deep insight, and spiritual wisdom.

    Contrary to an habitual Western mental reflex, in practice the placing of supreme trust in the natural intelligence that collects momentarily around events awakens a unique, non-linear, mode of perception through what we respectfully call ‘sacred’ or ‘empowered’ randomness. Loosely speaking, this is what is meant by ‘divination’ and is how the Tarot method is set in motion. Yet for all the minor fascination this arcane tool has evoked in popular culture, the correct message has not been adequately communicated to those who would put Tarot to greatest use: helping professionals.

    For Tarot to evolve on any meaningful scale into the 21st century (and beyond) it must have a stronger application emphasis, utility, and accessibility, that is, it must speak compellingly to people's lives. In this regard, clinical usage would seem a natural context for a technique which, as we shall see, offers so many psychological opportunities and benefits.”

    In this ground-breaking event, we're bringing both the psychological and tarot communities together to explore some of tarot's possibilities and techniques for deep and effective personal understanding. There are three large and important questions that psychologists and readers at the conference would like to answer:

      Can tarot help in the psychotherapeutic process?
      Can psychology help in the process of a tarot reading?
      Do tarot and psychology have something important to teach each other?

    The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES!

    For psychologists, this conference will open the door to a whole world of surprisingly powerful and helpful theory and practice they may never have experienced before.

    For tarot readers, it will be the opportunity they have been waiting for to get a real introduction to the practical psychology they can use in their professional practice.

    Three Powerful Presentations

    Life Is But A Dream: Jung, Process Work, and Dreamtime Awareness with Tarot

    Renowned Swiss analyst Carl Jung proposed that dreams are a way of communicating with the unconscious, an idea that has crossed over to influence the approach which modern Tarot practitioners apply to their work with oracles—as a window to peer through to the unconscious. Jung expanded upon this message when he expressed that “symbols act as transformers.” Tarot cards as a visual symbolic language can be natural transformers converting our consensus reality, our everyday mind, to a higher form of consciousness

    Tarot cards and other oracular tools present snapshots of a larger dreaming process, the dreamtime that imbues everyday life with an energetic network—where synchronicity is the fabric of the dream we are awakening within. The typical approach of designating specific meaning to each symbol or card may limit our access to these greater dimensions if we look no further. If so, then how do we open our Tarot readings to what Jung regarded as a higher form of function?

    Arnold Mindell's development of Process Work Psychology applies quantum physics concepts to open this window of the unconscious to the various realms in the dreamtime, in what he calls Dreaming While Awake. Allowing our conscious awareness to enter the dreaming that is present in each moment we not only peer through the window to the unconscious, we embrace both sides. Every aspect of the dream can then be co-creatively dreamed further. No longer is life fated or static, but rather, an invitation to dance the dreaming mind awake.

    In this session you will…

        apply the Hegelian dialectic of thesis-antithesis-synthesis to your readings;
        learn basic Jungian and Process Work theories that open your readings to multiple levels of awareness;
        approach Tarot or other oracular tools as a springboard for diving into the dreaming mind for more profound meanings; and
        bring more life and spontaneity into your readings.

    Please bring your favorite Tarot or oracle tool and be prepared to embrace each reading as a potential body-mind-emotion-spirit experience.


    Rev. Katrina Wynne, MA in Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Process-Oriented Psychology (Antioch University-Seattle, WA), BA in Community Studies (University of California-Santa Cruz), AA in Journalism (Orange Coast Community College, Costa Mesa, CA), Certificate in Process-Oriented Psychology (Process Work Center of Portland, OR), Certified Tarot Master (American Tarot Association), Certified Tarot Instructor (American Tarot Association), Independent Scholar/Member (Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association), Master Hypnotherapist (Twin Lakes College, Santa Cruz, CA), Certified Life Coach (Los Angeles, CA)

    Katrina Wynne has been in professional practice with counseling and Tarot for over 25 years. Her widely eclectic background, experience, and training reflects her own Native American, Western European, and West African roots and their respective spiritual traditions, as well as education and exposure to the wisdom of most major religions, cross-cultural studies, Earth-based and indigenous spiritualities, metaphysical philosophies and practices, and the spectrum of psychological modalities.

    Studying the Tarot as a book of wisdom has been Katrina's passion since 1972. For the past 25 years it has been her spiritual calling to share her vast knowledge of Tarot by offering talks, teaching classes and workshops, and facilitating special retreats. She has produced an extensive collection of 20 webinars, from Beginning Tarot - Knowledge to her very popular Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course on GlobalSpiritualStudies.com.

    Katrina started promoting “Tarot Counseling” in 1993 to identify her unique psycho-spiritual approach to Tarot work, followed by creating her website “TarotCounseling.org” in 1995 to share her ideas of integrating counseling skills and ethics in reading

    A self-proclaimed “Forest Mystic,” Katrina lives close to the earth on her Oregon Coast retreat, balancing time between her local counseling practice and sharing psychotherapeutic and Tarot skills via internet as well as in-person on her trips into the world, reaching as far as New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and every corner of the United States including the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska. Katrina's Annual Tarot Tours have included presentations and study groups at various Tarot conferences (Bay Area Tarot Symposium, Northwest Tarot Symposium, Readers Studio, TarotCon [Dallas & Keswick, UK], American Tarot Association), and Tarot Meetups (Albuquerque, Denver, Eugene, Houston, Portland, Santa Fe, Tampa Bay).

    She has written two books, including An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling – the High Art of Reading, contributes regularly to The Cartomancer Quarterly Journal and other publications, and has posted many articles on her websites: TarotCounseling.org / MySacredJourney.org (weblog). Her artwork has appeared in two collaborative Tarot decks and shown in the annual Portland Tarot Art Show.

    Katrina has been interviewed on podcasts from Donnaleigh's Beyond Worlds to The Tarot School's 7 Minutes with Wald Amberstone. Since 2013 she and Gina Thies have been cooking up their delicious podcast, OracleSoup.org with its very popular “Kitchen Table Conversation” with featured guests.

    Email: mail@TarotCounseling.org
    Website: TarotCounseling.org

    Echoes of the Past and Opening Veils to the Future

    This presentation demonstrates a marriage of practical Psychology, Tarot, Numerously, Archetypes, the body-meridian system and Astrology, but our focus today will be on the Tarot. The interlinking of all of the above mentioned wisdoms with the Archetypal life-cycle-processes that occur over one's lifetime, bring us to new healing possibilities. Most Tarot Readers are familiar with calculating the Birth Numbers. The numerological lifetime cycles can be matched with the Major Arcana of the Tarot, but if we distill this information into the first nine primary numbers with their particular primary Archetypes, we are informed about patterns that deal not only with symbolic themes, but also with psychological defense mechanisms, personality structures, psychological challenges, as well as the answers to the psyche's challenges during a particular time and place.

    The predicted transitional phases can be traced and prepared for, or recognized by the therapist or reader. It usually announces itself with challenges activated by the unconscious, which we then observe in bodily symptoms, dreams, conflicts and events. These time-sensitive experiences occur when the time has come for the person to address unresolved issues in the psyche, unbeknownst to their rational mind. These events correlate exactly with the calculable numerological and astrological themed transitions, which we can also recognize in the Tarot. I have observed these particular patterns over many years as a reality in my psychological practice, and gathered important empirical evidence from it. It has served the understanding and identifying of client's problems, as well as finding answers to their struggles. Today I will share some of the powerful clues for the answers to problems that lie within the problem itself.

    This interactive presentation demonstrates what the Archetypes look like in people, using video clip examples that are both entertaining and informative. Participants can recognize and identify the Archetypes from personal experience and then understand their purpose and their healing properties, from the gifts they give in the form of problems. An appreciation for using the material presented here for practicing self-healing will be demonstrated live with audience participation.

    I will outline a map of the most primary of Archetypes, corresponding to the nine prime numbers, accessed through the use of the Tarot and Numerology, and how to use and relate it to practical application in Psychological healing. I will show how the primary Archetypes as they relate to the primary numbers, integrate with the healing modalities from Depth Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Energy Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Hypnosis, Art and Tarot.

    A cryptic summary of the patterns of Life is accessible in the modern format of the Mirrors to your Soul Cards and Booklet. This is what I am preparing for you, but anything can happen when we get together! Be prepared for the unexpected — magic can happen at any time when we are together.

    The learning objectives

    • To identify the primary nine universal archetypes as it is commonly experienced psychologically, through life events and challenges, and how they appear as defense mechanisms as well as urging our healing. The answers are 'riddles' that need to be unraveled, not by the rational mind, but by divination and divine request.

    • Recognize how the power of Art, Archetypal Cards, and especially the Tarot, triggers unconscious identifications with Archetypal patterning in the psyche, through color, energy and symbol.

    • To identify associated bio-electric pathways in the body that corresponds with these identified archetypes and themes and is recognizable in people's body movements.

    • Once you recognize the energy portal revealed by body movement, the problem and the healing method is uncovered.

    • To identify personal archetypal life themes by 'energetic' identification, as well as projective recognition, and apply the appropriate self-activating bio-energetic system as an accelerating mind-body healing tool.


    Jayni Bloch, M.A.C. Psych. Assoc. practices as Kanata Psychotherapy Centre. She is registered with the College of Psychologists in Ontario since 1998 in Canada and previously with the Medical and Dental Council of South Africa as a Clinical Psychologist, for 18 years prior to coming to Canada. She is a Psychotherapist Practitioner of Cognitive and Spiritual Healing modalities, Teacher, Artist, Author and Mystic.

    Jayni was initiated as a mystic, healer and teacher at a very young age which inspired her to train as a Social Worker and later as Clinical Psychologist in South Africa. Her academic training gives her the perfect opportunity to bridge the rational world with the mystical and spiritual in service to the community. She also bridges all worldviews, religions and cultures. Her life is a living example of this integration. Her professional experience is practical and stretches over 30 years in a successful private practice where she continues to study and experience the mysteries of Psychology, Spirituality, and Art. She uses Science, Symbol Systems and Archetypes in her Therapy-work to help people heal themselves, their relationships, their families and their ancestral-wounds. Her experience is far-reaching and includes, work in institutions, a children's hospital, parent guidance clinics, community services, couples therapy, teaching faculties, dream work, hypnotherapy and expert witness work in courts. She also did radio shows, television appearances and many presentation and workshops at psychological conferences.

    Jayni likes to be on the leading edge of things and although she investigates all the possible modalities imaginable around understanding the psyche, she never wants to be put in any 'box' of any kind or to be beholden to any formal organization that will prevent her freedom of exploration. (A full description of her resume and experience is found on her website.) Jayni is a 'shapeshifter' who becomes a channel for your soul/spirit to reflect its massage back to you, when you engage with her.

    Email: jayni.bloch@gmail.com
    Website: genian.net

    Tarot Healing: From Desolation to Celebration

    Desolation, despair and suffering are part of our human experience; we all know it, including our clients. Just as gravity pulls us downwards, so do feelings of fear, disconnection, depression, and isolation. They can envelop us in a heavy cloud, which can seem impossible to escape. Yet the great sages of many wisdom traditions say that our natural state is joy, that the full range of states we experience are a flux and a flow, transient, and to be transcended. They say in reality there is no separation, we are One.

    This story of flux and flow, transience and transcendence, is lucidly expressed in the tarot. There is an integrity in the cards that supports us through both our alienation and our integration. The truth that shines through the cards helps us shine with the truth of who we truly are. For we are mystical gardens of wisdom, greatness, and intelligence, and the tarot reflects this. It invites us to dive deep into ourselves and to be nourished by this inner well.

    Laden with instruction, the tarot holds teachings of how to live full and meaningful lives, lives of well-being and celebration. Like a pictorial yoga, the ageless wisdom of the tarot points the way through symbol, archetype and hero, connecting us more deeply with ourselves and offering the good news that we are the tools for our own transformation.

    The tarot is a tool of luminous consciousness that can take us from the depths of sorrow into a state of equanimity, and when we are on an even keel, recognizing unity, we can celebrate. We are The World.

    In this presentation we are going to explore the full spectrum of desolation to celebration, using the tarot to build a bridge between the two. I will offer a technique for using the tarot for this purpose drawing on my background in Depth Psychology and my extensive studies with the Tarot over many years.

    No matter what is the state of the world or our inner state, the ageless wisdom of the tarot is here to help us live empowered and emancipated lives. The cards hold a living teaching so when we reach out to the tarot, the tarot reaches out to us. It can teach us that life can be joyful and celebrated as the cosmic dance that it is.

    “Jenny Jenny Suzumoto — Born in the South of England, Jenny Suzumoto has lived in Portland, Oregon since 1995. Jenny is a counselor, spiritual director and tarot reader, and runs a private practice offering tarot consultations and tarot workshops focusing on helping individuals live expanded and exuberant lives.

    Jenny has been engaged with the healing arts for over thirty years, studying and exploring Western Psychology, Eastern Mysticism and our universal human intuition. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Marylhurst University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her studies focused on Depth Psychology with an emphasis on Jungian studies. She is trained as a Spiritual Director and holds a Certification in Contemplative Listening. Jenny is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki II Practitioner. Her extensive experience as a body worker reinforces the importance of the body-mind connection in her practice.

    Jenny has worked and lived in Europe and America, learning from a wide range of psycho-spiritual traditions and integrating these different approaches. Jenny's passion for self-inquiry and spiritual growth has brought her to practice meditation, yoga and T'ai Chi, and study healing traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, Kabbalah and Shamanism. At the backdrop of Jenny's mystical studies has been the tarot, which she loves with heart and soul. A long term student of the tarot since 1990, she has been giving professional readings for fifteen years, and began teaching 10 years ago.

    Jenny sees the tarot as a guide and tool for the eternal human journey through life, into wisdom, love and healing. Used with respect and understanding, the tarot is an instrument of great potency that informs us of many dimensions. Jenny's holistic approach reflects this deeper richness and is both grounded in everyday life and connected with invisible dimensions of the spirit.

    Jenny's relationship with the tarot began with a fateful reading in London 1986, when a characterful tarotist relayed with surprise, “Oh My! You are going to be with a scientist and live far away from England!” Jenny laughed and dismissed it. Six months later, while traveling the wilds of Alaska, she met her future husband, Bruce… who just happens to be a scientist!

    Email: jennysuzumoto@gmail.com

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