Breakfast Roundtables

    At The Readers Studio, the festivities always last late into the night, and that's part of the fun! Nonetheless, we realize that not everyone is a night owl, and early birds need love too.

    Corrine Kenner hosted the first Readers Studio Breakfast Roundtable at RS06 and they've become more and more popular each year.

    On Saturday morning, you can purchase your breakfast at the hotel restaurant and bring it to the ballroom — or just come and sit in on the discussions. Breakfast on Sunday is our treat! You'll find it right outside the ballroom, so you can help yourself on your way in.

    This year's hosts are…

    “George George Koury is a Psychic Medium and Tarot reader. He teaches Tarot and other trainings as well as offering public demonstrations of Mediumship. George works throughout the US and England and appears regularly on radio and television.

    He is a guest instructor and Medium at Lily Dale, a 100 year-old village of Mediums in upstate New York. George has been a regular columnist for the “3rd I” a British magazine.

    George began his work life as a professional clown with Ringling Brothers Circus. He was also an instructor at their Clown College. George has learned of the importance of laughter on a spiritual path. He knows how to take a pie in the face.

    He is respected for reading and teaching with accuracy, skill, compassion and a great sense of humor. He is dedicated to helping others lead happy and fulfilling lives.

    “Angry Villagers. Difficult Clients. Difficult Questions.” will be the topic of George's Saturday morning Breakfast Roundtable.

    At some point in time, every reader encounters clients who can be difficult and questions that can be challenging. George will share some examples of both, and offer some solutions he has discovered in his many years as a professional medium and card reader.

    Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, you will find something in this roundtable that can make you a better reader. Come join us for a lively and productive discussion.

    You can visit George's website at and find him on Facebook at

    “Liz Liz Dean is a writer and tarot reader at Selfridges store, London, UK. A former ghostwriter and Editorial Director in illustrated publishing, she is the author of thirteen books and tarot decks, including Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads, How to Be Creative, A Thousand Paths to Mindfulness and My Psychic Stories (2015). Decks include The Love Tarot, The Golden Tarot, The Art of Tarot, Fairy Tale Fortune Cards, and The Victorian Steampunk Tarot. Her next book will be Tarot Switchwords.

    A speaker at The UK Tarot Conference and a contributor to Hay House's 2014 anthology, Tarot Masters, Liz is also a former co-editor of Kindred Spirit, the UK's leading spiritual magazine.

    Liz runs tarot and creativity classes at Selfridges, where she also practises Angelic Reiki. Her tarot, teaching and healing work has been featured in The Daily Express, The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror and magazines Spirit and Destiny, Fate and Fortune and Soul & Spirit.

    Liz will lead a discussion entitled “When did Tarot call out to you? And what did you do? ”

    Often, tarot comes our way at significant times in our lives. We may choose to say yes, or say no several times over, but the call of tarot, like intuition, never deserts us. Sharing the stories of just how we got to where we are now, as readers, helps make sense of our journeys, and appreciate just what we've navigated - and why — to do what we love.

    You might have suppressed your tarot yearning for years, recently come out as a professional reader, or found your calling as a teenager and never let go. In a lively discussion of our ebb-and-flow relationship with our cards, Liz also shares some of her experiences of the on-off tarot switch — and what keeps the light shining.

    Visit Liz's websites at and

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