Celebrity Readers

The Tarot Stars Read For YOU at
The Celebrity Psychic Fair!

The Celebrity Psychic Fair is a weekend highlight and your opportunity to get a personal reading from your favorite tarot authors, teachers and deck creators!

We'll confess a behind-the-scenes secret to you. We invite previous Readers Studio presenters and luminaries to return every year. As you can imagine, we've amassed quite the star-studded line-up over the years. And the reason why we do it is YOU!

It's truly a treat to rub shoulders with the people who create the books and decks you love and learn from… and what better way to get up close and personal than a reading? The Readers Studio Celebrity Psychic Fair features previous current and past Readers Studio instructors. Have you ever wanted Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, James Wells or Bob Place to read for you? The Celebrity Psychic Fair is the chance you've been waiting for!

                            photo by Doug Reuschel

This year's readers may include:

aqua burst Jayni Bloch

aqua burst Kooch Daniels

aqua burst Liz Dean

aqua burst Jaymi Elford

aqua burst Elinor Greenberg

aqua burst Ellen Goldberg

aqua burst Ferol Humphrey

aqua burst Connie Kick

aqua burst Jennifer Lucero-Earle

aqua burst Andrew McGregor

aqua burst Heatherleigh Navarre

aqua burst Jenny Suzumoto

aqua burst Courtney Weber

aqua burst James Wells

aqua burst Katrina Wynne

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