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Vol. 12 #13 / October 1, 2020
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- Tarot Tip: Interpret Your Dreams with Tarot
- Tarot School Aphorism
- What's Gnu?: Virtual Tarot Salons Coming Soon!
- Diviner's Corner: Channeling 
- Best Practices: Avoid Being “Ghosted” By Clients
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
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         Halloween Gnome
What would you say is the most memorable
day in October? If this isn’t your birthday
month, judging by the fact that you’re
currently reading “Tarot Tips,” my guess
would be Halloween/Samhain. 

But did you know that October 31st is also
National Knock-Knock Jokes Day? No?
What about National Doorbell Day? National
Magic Day seems a bit more appropriate, but
it’s likely to have more to do with rabbits,
hats and playing cards than tarot cards. I think
National Divination Day should definitely be
added to the list! 

Better yet, make it Divination Month.
Why not? It can be right up there with
Cookie Month, Computer Learning Month
and Sarcastic Month. (Yes, that last one
is a real thing — you can look it up!)

Even if it’s not on any official list, we
can still celebrate. Here’s to a month of
delightful divination!

This is what we have for you this issue...

Are you experiencing lots of dreams during
this time? Dreams have become a hot topic
during the pandemic. The frequency and
subject matter of current dreams for many
of us seems to result from this new way of
living and existing. Dream interpretation
has always been of interest for its prophetic
aspect, and tarot makes a great companion
if you are looking to explore your dreams
more deeply. That's the topic of this
month's Tarot Tip. 

As the end of October comes, some believe
that the veil between the physical and
spiritual worlds thin. What a great time
for The Diviner’s Corner to provide an
introduction to the phenomenon of
channeling! And Best Practice for
Professionals offers strategies to avoid
clients who are no-shows. 

And one (two) more thing(s)...

 The Tarot School Correspondence Course

Tarot has recently made an unexpected
appearance in *two* financial publications!

#1) The Financial Times published an
article entitled “Don’t weird out, mysticism
is in,” featuring a respectful segment on
tarot, as well as discussing astrology,
sound healing, and more.

#2) We are honored that CEOWORLD Magazine
has included the Tarot School Correspondence
 in their list of Best Tarot Cards Reading
Courses in The World! 

According to their About page, “CEOWORLD
is the world’s leading business
magazine written strictly for CEOs, CFOs,
CIOs, senior management executives, business
leaders, and high net worth individuals
worldwide. The magazine targets an audience
of CEOs; CFOs; senior management executives;
corporate and private investors; business
leaders; and high net worth individuals, but
its lucid voice makes it intelligible and
essential reading for anybody who wants to
understand the machinations of business in
the 21st century.”

Best Tarot Cards Reading Courses in The World!

It’s wonderful to see how tarot has become
increasingly important in today’s world! 


Take care, stay whole and healthy and
move forward on your tarot journey,
Ruth Ann, Wald, and Gina

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Tarot Tip


The meaning of dreams has always been
a fascinating mystery. These inner visions
present us with perspectives and experiences
totally different from those of daily
consciousness. Revered as messages from
spiritual guides or our own inner voices,
these symbolic “movies” originate in our
deepest self, and have become very
meaningful over time. And so the art of
dream interpretation was born. 

Using archetypal imagery and symbols,
dream interpretation has helped to alert us
to future possibilities, and they also help
us to understand our emotional tendencies.

Dream symbols, much like tarot, need an
understanding of basic keys. Symbols used
in dream interpretation are categorized into
groups such as the animal kingdom, people
and places, leisure activities, and other
human experiences. Dream meanings are
elusive and are easily lost upon waking,
so it is helpful to keep a dream journal by
your bedside.

Dream interpretation can enhance any
tarot reading or vice versa. Here are a
few suggestions on how to use tarot for
dream interpretation.  

• Key Symbols

Find a dream book that contains meanings
which resonate with you, since not all
authors agree on what the dream symbols
mean. Of course, you can compile your own
collection of meanings from symbols you
already understand.  

It is best to use a deck with simplified,
uncomplicated imagery. Dreams are
often very heavy with images, scenery
and activities, much like movies or
theatrical performances. You’ll want to
use a deck that won’t overload or
overwhelm you with too many symbols
to interpret.

• Dream Interpretation 

To the best of your ability, using a journal
with your key symbols, write out an overview
of the themes present in the dream. Is it a
recurring dream? How did you feel upon

Once you have completed your dream analysis,
shuffle your deck and draw cards, laying
them out in the following spread positions: 

#1  Time Period
Does your dream take place in the past,
present or future? 

#2  People
Family member, former love interest,
stranger, non-humans 

#3  Place
Home, building, outdoors 

#4  Activity
Dining, shopping, sex, etc. 

These four areas along with the cards
drawn will provide insight into what the
dream suggests.

For instance, if your dream was set in
the 18th century, you may be dealing
with nostalgic feelings or old, worn out

Then, say your grandmother appears in
the dream and the Empress is in the
“people” position. This suggests your
views about parenting or perhaps how
you are a caretaker of others.

As you build your tarot interpretation
coupled with the symbols of the dream,
a story will unfold. Something may click
that shows you the underlying current of 
your situation. In some cases your dream
could be a warning, or a confirmation of
being on the right path in decisions you’ll
come to make. 


Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary

Dream Moods is the number one free online
source you need to discover the meanings to
your dreams.


 Tarot School Aphorism
            There is a deep, powerful description of that in you which is elemental, and which, when it occasionally moves in you, has the slow, enormous effect of a geological shift.


What's Gnu?


The Tarot School's Tarot Salon

Until the past few months, we have had a
25-year tradition of gathering together on
Monday nights, teaching our ever-evolving
understanding of tarot. For much of that
time, we held classes in Manhattan. But
after Hurricane Sandy, we began hosting
Tarot Salons in our home instead. However,
having in-person classes meant that only
people who lived nearby could attend on a
regular basis. 

We have dearly missed being in the same room
with our students, but are taking recent
events as an opportunity to open the doors
to you, no matter where you live, by holding
our Tarot Salons over Zoom!

We’re still working out the details because
we want to give this our very best, but you
can sign up for the email notification list
now. We’ll be in touch soon!

 Sign up to be notified when 
     we're holding the Tarot Salons!


Diviner's Corner


Channelers are believed to have special
gifts that allow contact with spirit guides
and disembodied entities. Their purpose is
to bring messages from the supernatural
realm. The implications of the information
shared can range from very personal to

Channeling involves a shift in consciousness,
which does not mean that the practitioner
is out of their awareness. Nor does it mean
that the person channeling gives up control
of his or her thoughts or physical body.   

During channeling, typically a guide
(often known to the channeler) makes
contact through an enhanced frequency.
The information from this frequency flows
through the soul level and into consciousness
through oral or written communication.
Channeling can also happen during the
dream state at night while sleeping.

It is important to distinguish channeling
from mediumship, in that mediums are
specifically in contact with those who have
previously been incarnated on earth, such as
dearly departed loved ones.   

The process of channeling gives access to a
wealth of insight and information. Anyone
can learn to channel. Most people who
gravitate toward the practice of channeling
are interested in occult topics, psychology
and mysticism.  

Those who regularly channel acknowledge
greater self-awareness, increased personal
power and spiritual evolvement. 


What is Channeling?
Learn 9 Vital Principles in This Ultimate Guide 

We’d love your suggestion or submissions for this
column! If you have an idea or would love to
contribute, please contact us at


Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Life happens. Things come up. Schedule
changes are par for the course when dealing
with people. As professionals, a huge part
of what clients look for in us is integrity
and trust. 

One of the banes of appointment setting
for me was and remains accommodating
my time for clients, and then having them
not show for an appointment without a
word, call or email. Gone and ghosted. 

Ghost, not referring to the kind associated
with haunting, has become a term used to
described people who are seemingly
interested and suddenly disappear without
warning or reason. In the dating scene, it
means to be suddenly dumped. It’s
unsettling, rude and quite challenging to
respond to when you don’t know the cause. 

I understand why for years doctors and other
scheduling professionals have implemented
no-show and cancellation policies. Aside
from the worry of not knowing if something
terrible has happened to a person, you would
want the common courtesy of knowing they
weren't keeping their appointment so that
the time could be used for something or
someone else. 

Here are some suggestions on how to reduce
the chance of being ghosted:

Pre-Payment. This is a no brainer. Would you
not show up for something you’ve already
invested in? Alternately you can require a
small deposit at the time of scheduling. 

No refund policy. This complements the first
suggestion but informs your customers of
what to expect from your services. 

Agreement to cancel with a 24 hour or more
You may let it slide the first time
but do let repeat offenders, if they show up
again, know what you require and the
consequences if they don’t. 

One follow-up call or email. Follow up on an
appointment booking with a call to confirm,
or set up an automatic message or email that
confirms the appointment. 


No More No-Shows: 4 Hacks to
Stop Clients from Cancelling Appointments
(+ info on the schedulicity app)


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