Breakfast Roundtables

    At The Readers Studio, the festivities always last late into the night, and that's part of the fun! Nonetheless, we realize that not everyone is a night owl, and early birds need love too.

    Corrine Kenner hosted the first Readers Studio Breakfast Roundtable at RS06 and they've become more and more popular each year.

    On Saturday morning, you can purchase your breakfast at the hotel restaurant and bring it to the ballroom — or just come and sit in on the discussions. Breakfast on Sunday is our treat! You'll find it right outside the ballroom, so you can help yourself on your way in.

    This year's hosts are…


    Arwen Lynch-Poe is the Professional Joy Seeker. Among her many hats, she is a psychic, a Tarot professional, a magazine editor, a dog mom, a cat servant, and a wife. She also squeezes out time to write guidebooks for decks. She is known for saying, “Seek joy, y'all” at the drop of a Tarot card.

    Her Tarot journey began in 1981 when a friend did a reading for her in college. Now she owns close to a thousand decks, has written a book on Tarot and writing, and has authored more than a few decks. She reads professionally for clients the world over as well as for her fellow Tarot professionals.

    One of her greatest joys is teaching Tarot to others. She personally believes that the day she stops learning will be the day she starts dying. And she's nowhere near ready for that. Currently living in New Mexico, Arwen enjoys life to the fullest. Even if that means making a fool out of herself!

    “Down and Dirty With Arwen” will be the topic of Arwen's Saturday morning Breakfast Roundtable.

    A veteran of many reading venues including a stint as a soothsayer at a SXSW party thrown by CW's Salem TV show, Arwen has learned how to keep those lines moving. It can be daunting to look up from your table to see a line ten people deep. At the heart of things, Arwen likes to make people happy. To avoid having to say no to festival goers etc, she's learned how to drill down to the heart of the card.

    Join Arwen for a lively, interactive chat on how to “lay 'em, say 'em, slay 'em” so you can give an accurate message in 10 minutes or less. Bring your thoughts, your cards, and your questions as we all strip away the extras so we can get straight to the heart of the matter. Seek joy, y'all. And watch Arwen closely. She likes to cheese it up by photobombing you.

    Check her out here:


    George Koury is a respected Tarot expert. He has co-taught Tarot with luminaries Rachel Pollack and Mary Greer at Omega Institute in New York, as well as attending and teaching at past Readers Studio events. George teaches worldwide group classes about working with Angels and Tarot reading skills.

    He leads private and group readings and classes, and makes regular appearances on radio and television.

    George is respected for his ability to communicate with departed loved ones and Angels with accuracy, compassion and a great sense of humor. He conducts Mediumship demonstrations across the US and in England, and is a frequent guest instructor and Medium at Lily Dale, NY where he does demonstrations at their Spiritual services.

    George writes extensively on spiritual topics and is a contributor to such publications as the British magazine, 3rd I.

    On Sunday morning, George will lead a discussion entitled “Terror on the Tarot Train”

    Join George Koury as he invites you to explore the places in a reading where you are stopped by fear or difficult situations. Do you find yourself getting stuck in certain reading scenarios? Are you afraid of being wrong? Are there places where lack of confidence or other fears are holding you back?

    This will be a lively, fun and empowering discussion. Don't miss this opportunity to move beyond what might be holding you back in your Tarot practice.

    Visit George at:

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I adore waking up with Tarot.