Breakfast Roundtables

    At The Readers Studio, the festivities always last late into the night, and that's part of the fun! Nonetheless, we realize that not everyone is a night owl, and early birds need love too.

    Corrine Kenner hosted the first Readers Studio Breakfast Roundtable at RS06 and they've become more and more popular each year.

    On Saturday morning, you can purchase your breakfast at the hotel restaurant and bring it to the ballroom — or just come and sit in on the discussions. Breakfast on Sunday is our treat! You'll find it right outside the ballroom, so you can help yourself on your way in.

    This year's hosts are…

    “Al “Hi, my name is Al Juarez and I am an Intuitive Card Reader.” (crowd, “HI AL!” — I just love support groups, Lol)

    Al Juarez reads Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle cards for people who are looking for answers to life's questions; both big and small, certainly fun and serious, along with everything else in between. Having been in business for over twenty years, Al loves helping his clients make solid decisions about their questions, concerns and lives. Al's overall energy is light and lively, which how he likes to approach his readings, so at the very most you'll get the help you need and the at very least you'll have a lot of fun with your reading.

    “Tarot Timing: Yay or Nay?” will be the topic of Al's Saturday morning Breakfast Roundtable.

    Al is in awe of the wonderful tarot readers that he gets to work with and see in action with their various styles and presentations. Over the years he has discovered something about his fellow readers, not everyone includes timing in their readings. He became curious about why readers do or don't offer timing in their readings for their clients.

    Al loves offering time frames to his readings. Clients have told Al that's why they keep coming back to him for readings, because the time frames give them a sense calm & comfort to know when their things might be coming through for them. Adding timing also feels very natural to him and the more he does it the more it gives his clients confidence in his work.

    For this Breakfast Roundtable discussion, Al wants to know what your thoughts are on tarot timing. Is timing a comfortable tool for you or something you've wanted add to your tool box? Do you think timing is useful or a waste of time? If you do use timing in your readings, how did you learn it and how has it helped your business grow? Please join our discussion which is sure to be interesting and fun by sharing your thoughts and stories about tarot timing. We are excited to hear about your experiences and learn how it has worked for you.

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    Raised in East Harlem, New York, Erika Robinson grew up in an interracial family during the Civil Rights Era, and desegregated the Nightingale-Bamford School when she was 8 years old. She left home at 16 and put herself through Harvard with a degree in English and a Masters of Divinity. After a stint in the Admissions offices of Princeton and Columbia Universities, Erika embarked on a 30 year teaching career in a diverse public school on the Jersey Shore.

    Widowhood in 2008, and her daughter's departure for college in 2011 led to some interesting metaphysical experiences, which, in turn, led Erika to a study of Lenormand. She discovered, to her delight, that sometimes studying requires not just a bearing down, but also, a letting go.

    A reiki master and professional reader at Earth Spirit New Age Center, Erika has found a way to be a healer without the guts and gore. She has developed a style of reading that is lyrical, detailed, and full of insight, and she has discovered a community of readers around the world who all feel like home.

    Erika will lead a discussion entitled “Tarot vs. Lenormand?”

    In this Breakfast Roundtable, we will explore and test out the commonly held belief that certain questions only lend themselves to answers from certain oracles, and perhaps not to others. Is this really the case? Or might it be true that approaching the same questions from different angles with different oracles can produce a more rounded understanding?

    Are Tarot and Lenormand the worlds apart some take them to be? Or might the marriage of imagistic and linguistic approaches draw readers and seekers in further and deeper, in the way picture books with engaging text captivate, enlighten, and comfort children?

    See more about Erika at

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