Private Tarot Readings

Tandem Tarot with the Amberstones

Tandem Tarot is an especially intensive form of reading where two readers provide guidance for one client.

Our different strengths and perspectives, in addition to the strong polarity of our personalities, provide the kind of indepth interpretations that are very difficult
to achieve with only one reader.

A circle of energy is created and maintained throughout the reading in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

What are the Benefits?

    Exceptional intensity

    Balanced energy through male-female polarity

    Textured, multi-leveled perceptions

    Over 70 years of combined experience

Our Approach

We use a combination of intuition and knowlege in all our readings. We are full-time teachers and students of tarot and, besides having amassed a great deal of knowledge over our professional career, we continue to learn and discover more about the tarot all the time.

We combine this storehouse of esoteric and symbolic wisdom, along with the insights we have gained through years of personal exploration and life experience, with innovative reading techniques you'll find nowhere else.

Tandem Tarot is Results-Oriented

In most short- or long-term counseling sessions, a process is begun in which you develop insights over time. The use of the tarot allows us to get right to the heart of the matter and discuss possible solutions to your problem within one session.

A Tandem Tarot session can help you gain perspective in difficult situations and is an excellent aid to decision making. The more active a role you take in the reading, the deeper we can go.

“Thank you for a phenomenal reading yesterday. I am so glad that I taped it. I listened to it again today and it is even more enlightening the second time around.”

— Garnet*


With our Tandem Tarot readings you get two expert readers for the price of one! Our fee is $200 for the first hour and $100 per hour beyond that.

If you prefer to have your reading with only Wald or Ruth Ann, we're happy to accommodate you. The fee remains the same.

How to Make an Appointment

Consultations are available in person (New York) or on the phone.
Due to the complexity of the reading, email or chat is not an option.

To book your reading, call us at 800-804-2184.
We look forward to reading for you!

                  Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone
                  Directors, The Tarot School

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