Degree Programs

Official Recognition

The Tarot School regards the learning of Tarot as an education with many facets, each reflecting the student and the world from a different perspective. In recognition of the value of focused and extended study, The Tarot School grants a degree in each of the following program facets:

    The Tarot School Correspondence Course
    The Tarot School Birth Card Course (Coming Soon!)
    Tarot Salon
    Tarot Teleclass Program (currently on hiatus)

Tarot School degrees are an official recognition of extensive studies satisfactorily completed, and are also preparations and initiations for further study.

Progress Certificates

Once you've earned your degree you'll receive a beautiful parchment certificate from
The Tarot School. But before then, you'll receive Degree Candidate Level Certificates acknowledging your progress at the quarter, half-way and three-quarter marks. We know that your studies will start paying off long before a program is complete, and we recognize your achievements along the way. Some students have found these certificates useful for obtaining employment in the field even before they receive their degree!

Degrees are Cumulative

Completion of any one facet of study earns a First Degree. If another degree is earned in another facet, it is added to the first one to become a Second Degree, with both facets named on the certificate. This process is thus cumulative, degree adding to degree.

Additional degree levels are also attainable through extended courses of study in the same facet.

Degree Requirements

The Tarot School Correspondence Course

    Information; theory; written exercises; intuitive, divinatatory
    and magical practicum. (This is the only facet in which
    written coursework must be submitted to earn a Degree.)
    15 lessons over 18 months, including private coaching
    with Wald Amberstone. more info

The Tarot School Birth Card Course

    Watch this space for details coming in May, 2020!

Tarot Salon

    Interactive live classes taught at our Forest Hills, NY location. more info

    Two credits are awarded for each 2-hour Salon attended.
    To earn a degree in this facet requires 100 credits.
    There is no time limit for acquiring the requisite amount of credits.

Tarot Telecourse Program

    An extensive program of study taught on the telephone. more info

    Two credits are awarded for each 2-hour teleclass attended.
    To earn a degree in this facet requires 100 credits.
    There is no time limit for acquiring the requisite amount of credits.

What do people do with a Tarot School degree?

What gives a Tarot School degree its value is that the school is known and recognized in the international tarot community for its excellence and integrity. If a Tarot School degree student applies for a job as a reader with a media based reading business or a local metaphysical shop, or as a teacher at a local college, community college or adult education program, the degree adds a lot of power to that person's resume.

In addition, and perhaps primarily, the degree is a confirmation of a student's own skill and knowledge — and knowledge is certainly its own reward. We know that if you spend time studying tarot with us, you will change. Some of those changes are external, such as the increased skill you'll attain with the cards. Some of those changes are internal. You'll grow in your understanding of yourself, your world and the people around you. Tarot School degrees are cumulative and each recognizes and celebrates a degree of change.

As you probably know, tarot has been around for a long, long time. And yet, it has never achieved modern professional status. But it's moving in that direction these days. There is a national certification process which is different from a Tarot School degree. The relationship between these two is something like the relationship between a degree obtained from a law school and a state bar exam. We are a teaching institution and offer a degree to students who have spent time studying with us in formal programs under our direct supervision. It is a personal and interactive process. The certification boards only test what a person already knows and are not involved in the education process.

Over time, the academic study of tarot will play an increasingly important role in the professionalizing of the field. A Tarot School degree will certainly play a part in that development over the long term.

So you see, there are a number of ways that a Tarot School degree might be important to you. Each student is different and each has a personal experience of the process. But no matter what you ultimately choose to do with your degree, we'll be there with you every step of the way.