A Birthday Present for You
from The Tarot School!

Sweet 16
              The Tarot School is celebrating its Sweet 16th Birthday but you're the one getting a present!

              We admit we have an ulterior motive in offering you this gift — which we'll tell you about in a minute — but we worked very hard on getting it ready just for you and we hope you like it!

              Sweet! What's in the box?


              You may or may not be familiar with our ongoing series of teleclasses called Card Study Complete! They're very popular and we'd love to give you a taste of what they're like.

In celebration of this special birthday in the Year of The Emperor, we're happy to make a gift of our class on The Emperor! This is a full two-hour class, presented in two professionally edited .mp3 files that you can listen to on your computer or download to your iPod or other mp3 player to enjoy whenever and as often as you like.

What's the ulterior motive?

We figure the best way to entice you to taking these classes is to let you experience one for yourself.

Get to know The Emperor in a new way! The Emperor has a unique vision &mdash and this is a perfect way to begin or re-energize your tarot studies. This is what one of our students had to say about our Card Study Complete classes…

loved the class!
HUGE thanx!
just what the doctor ordered!!!!!
had fun!
love the interaction!
feel like i'm gonna make it, after all!!!
did i say thaanks!!!

— Johanna Kiricoples

Are You Adventurous?

The Oxford American Dictionary defines "adventurous" this way:

    willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas or experiences
    involving new ideas or methods
    full of excitement

Feeling adventurous? We'd love to have you join us, either at our in-person classes in New York City or by phone in our teleclasses.

In the meantime, click the button below and listen in.

Can I tell a friend?

Yes, the more the merrier! We only ask that you send them to this page to get their own copy.

How do I get my gift?

Simply click the button below and you'll be immediately directed to the page with the download links.


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